Lecture and Seminar Presentations

The Contractor-Official Magazine of the Contracting Industry
July 1988

"Safety starts with operator competence, awareness, ability, and learning. It doesn't come down to more sophisticated equipment and operator aids. It's basic human instruction."

"85% of accidents everywhere were blatant operator error and only 2-3% were caused by a manufacturing problem or engineering defect"

"The majority of tower-crane accidents occurred on assembly and disassembly, not during operation"

BERNARD ROSS, Ph.D., P.E., Chairman of the Board
Failure Analysis Associates

"Overall analysis of the safety requirements during the operation of equipment will be the major questions discussed in this presentation."

BERNARD ROSS, Ph.D., P.E., Chairman of the Board
Failure Analysis Associates

Thomson's Construction Australia, Vol 5, No. 12,
December 1990

"Another speaker on crane safety was Dr. Bernard Ross, a director of Failure Analysis Associates USA. He graphically illustrated some major accidents he has investigated which confirm his findings that "accidents occur with a sudden release of energy, and there is none better than a crane to store energy."

Ross confirmed what is probably true in Australia; that people carelessness and ignorance cause 90% of crane accidents.

SC&RA Crane & Rigging Workshop '95, Miyako Hotel,
San Francisco, California,
September 22-23

Crane Accidents and Learning From Them

Dr. Bernard Ross-Failure Analysis Associates

Dr. Ross is one of the premier investigators in the industry, and has investigated over 250 crane upsets during his 26 years of experience.

International Cranes-The Magazine for Crane Users and Buyers,
September 1995

Safety Workshop

The event is sponsored by the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA).

Speakers include Dr. Bernard Ross who has investigated more than 250 crane accidents during the last 25 years.

9th Annual CICB Crane Conference-Bridges to Safety,
The Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, California
November 18-20, 1987

1st Session - Attitudes Towards Anti-Two Block Systems

"The controversy rages on...two block or not two block. During the past 20 years, probably the most prominent issue confronting the crane user community has been whether or not to equip hydraulic cranes, with anti-two block warning systems and/or shut-off devices. A chronology of developments is presented based on literature, standards and manufacturers' practice."

Bernard Ross
Chairman of the Board
Failure Analysis Associates

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