Media Credits

Dr. Ross has been interviewed to render professional opinions and analysis on major disasters and catastrophic events by journals, magazines, national television networks and radio broadcast stations. His comments were quoted in 27 newspapers (Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, Associated Press, San Jose Mercury News, Detroit Free Press, Houston Chronicle, United Press International (UPI), Sacramento Bee, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Kansas City Times, Chicago Herald Tribune, etc.)

Dr. Ross has appeared on live network television (Charles Kuralt Morning Show, CBS; 20-20 News, ABC; Ted Koppel News Nightline, ABC; Walter Cronkite Universe, CBS; Night Watch, CBS; CNN News and numerous times in local radio and television interviews: KCBS (San Francisco), WCBS (New York), KYA (Los Angeles), WJR (Detroit), CFRB (Toronto), WDAF (Kansas City), KRON, KTVU, KPIX, KGO (San Francisco), KWHY (Los Angeles), KING (Seattle) and WDAF (Kansas City). Dr. Ross gained worldwide recognition as a prominent engineering expert through 23 magazine article references including: Newsweek, People, National Geographic, Engineering News Record, Financial Post (Toronto), World Construction, Trial, GEO Wissen (Germany), Lifting and Transportation International, and four Sunday supplement journals.

Dr. Ross has also been featured as the Founder of Exponent-Failure Analysis Associates an engineering-scientific consulting firm and public corporation with nearly 700 employees and over 100 million dollars annual revenues. Dr. Ross and the late Dr. Alan Tetelman were featured in a documentary film about the company titled "What Went Wrong" made by the United States Information Service and distributed worldwide.

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