Selected Publications

Dr. Ross has published over 65 technical papers in peer reviewed international journals and conference proceedings. He has been invited to present more than 140 seminars, lectures and talks before university audiences, trade groups, engineering society meetings, insurance and claims agents conferences, and attorney-state bar organizations. Some of his noteworthy publications include:

"Failure to Warn-A New Game for Lawyers, A New Challenge for Engineers," Reliability and Maintainability Symposium Proceedings, Product Liability Seminar,Los Angeles, CA, 1974, Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers

"Accident Reconstruction-Failure Analysis," Course Handbook:, Practicing Law Institute New York, NY, 1970

"Rollover Protective Structures (ROPS)," Professional Safety, Vol 27, No. 5, 1982

"What Is A Design Defect," Proceedings, International Conference on Structural Failure, Product Liability and Technical Insurance, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1984

"Failure Analysis of Large Scale Structures," 6th International Conference on Fracture, New Delhi, India, 1984

"Catastrophic Collapse of a Tower Crane," Third International Symposium on Structural Crashworthiness and Failure, Liverpool, England, 1993

"Use of Risk Analysis to Evaluate Design Defect Cases," Symposium on Failure and Malfunction of Systems, SPM (Portuguese Society of Materials), Lisbon, 1995

"A Crane and Rigging and Accident Primer: Costs, Case Histories and Remedies," Proceedings, International Conference on Safety and Health on Construction Sites, Lisbon, Portugal, published by A.A. Balkema/Rotterdam, 1996

"Mini Excavators and Narrow Scissors Lifts-Create New Safety Concerns," 2nd International Conference for Implementation of Safety and Health on Construction Sites, Honolulu, Hawaii, March 1999

"Product Liability Experiences of Japanese Manufacturers in the United States", J.S.M.E., Proceedings, International Symposium on Product Liability and Failure Prevention, Fukuoka, Japan 1996

Principal author of over 500 reports issued by Failure Analysis Associates concerning: fracture, structural collapse, accident reconstruction, and machine design for personal injury, wrongful death, product liability, and property damage claims.

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